Welcome to the Home of Punk ’n‘ Roll!

Beer, wine, cocktails, food (also vegan) and livemusic.

Artists who have played here :

  • TV Smith (the Adverts)
  • Vom Ritchie (Die Toten Hosen)
  • Cryssis (UK)
  • Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols)
  • Rick Barton/Continental (X-Dropkick Murphys)
  • Ducan Kid Reid (The Boys)
  • Alex Darling Boy Gold (UK)
  • Cyanide Pills (UK)
  • Sean Weehler and Zander Schloss (US)
  • Andrew Jacksen Jihad (US)
  • Kaltfront (D)
  • Dan Allen / Dunking Punches (UK)
  • The Ceazars – Vintage Style Rockailly (UK)
  • Rüdiger Bierhorst (Monster of Liedermaching)
  • Fred Timm ( Monsters of Liedermaching)
  • Der Flotte Totte (Monsters of Liedermaching)
  • Sven PanneGymmickTim Holehouse (UK)
  • Mark McCabe & Ellen Cox (UK)
  • The Sexuals (FR)
  • Ray Barracks (D)
  • Absolut (UK)

and plenty more …